The continuation of Neal Forsling's creative vision would not be possible without the valued participation of many delicated people - past, present, and future. This page honors those who have been involved in many capacities over the years and those who devote their time, skill, and energy now. If you would like to become part of the circle of support for Crimson Dawn Park & Museum, please Contact us today.

Museum Staff

Curator: Susan Handley

Natrona County Parks - Road and Bridge Department

The crews of Natrona County Parks - Road and Bridge Department put in hours of hard work to maintain the park and its trails for all to enjoy. The office, located at 538 SW Wyoming Blvd in Mills, handles the business, reservation schedule, and general inquiries the public may have. Their work is greatly appreciated. The Road & Bridge webpage link is provided as a courtesy. Also provided by the Parks Department are links to their Crimson Dawn and main Parks pages.

Natrona County Roads, Bridges, & Parks Superintendent: Michael Haigler

Park Manager: Joe Gillingham

Crimson Dawn Association

The main focus of the Crimson Dawn Association is to manage the continuation of our Annual Midsummer Festival among other levels of involvement within the structure. This organization includes the officers, directors, museum staff, the cast of characters, and a number of other supportive members. More information about the Crimson Dawn Association can be found on the Association page of this site.

"Once in a great while a magical time arrives when a very special person comes along who can make the effort to become a full member of the Association. Members are special volunteers that administer the Park and the Events and handle the business of the Park as well as participate in the Event as Elves and Sprites, Witches and all the Fairy Folk that bring Neal's story to life each Midsummer's Eve. If this sounds like a job for you Contact us!" (CDA President 2011, Phil Pike).

A Woman to Match a Mountain DVD

The story of Neal Forsling and Crimson Dawn. Produced and directed for the Crimson Dawn Association by Karen Snyder. Special thanks to Karen and her wonderful creative talents. You can view a short clip of excerpts of this documentary on our Museum page.

Website Contributors

Sponsored by the Crimson Dawn Association. Designed and administered by Marilee (Snowfire) and David (Doc) Rake. Initial photo and content providers: Athne Machdane, Rebecca Hunt, Karen Snyder, Michele Montoya-Lipes, and Debra Kelly. The list of website contributors is expected to grow along with the site development. Thank you to all who made this site a reality.

Graphics creators:     -     Emma     -     J's Magic Galleries


There have been several volunteer projects implemented at Crimson Dawn Park & Museum over the years. From gathering and washing Undine's shells to building and painting shrine platforms, the love and care generated by those volunteering their time and energy can not be measured.

"The Crimson Dawn Association is always in need of volunteers to help with maintaining the park and museum, with planning and clean up, as well as any skills you may have to bring to the association. Contact us to talk about volunteer opportunities" (CDA President 2011, Phil Pike).


This special section is provided in loving remembrance of those whose lives made Crimson Dawn Park & Museum possible. They may have passed but are still with us in spirit. If you have a person in mind you would like to see included here please Contact us with your proposal.

Community Philanthropy

This section is reserved for the generous donations and memorials offered by our local and not-so-local community. ALL gifts are highly valued and those of $100.00 or more will be listed here.

"We are always in need of a little charitable donation from the people who use and love the park. You can Donate by making arrangements online or at the Midsummer Event" (CDA President 2011, Phil Pike).

Patrons and Visitors

Last, but so very far from least, we extend the warmest thank you to all of our patrons and visitors. Without your support on many levels Crimson Dawn Park & Museum would not be the fabulous source of magic that it is. The sharing and community love generated with each visit is immeasurable. We welcome you again and again.

To ensure enjoyment and safety for all we ask there be no glass containers, open fires, smoking, alcohol, off-road vehicles, or unleashed pets within the park.