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Crimson Dawn Park Calendar

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Sincere attempts are made to keep this calendar as current as possible. However, updates are added monthly and last minute changes may not appear immediately. This calendar is updated by the 1st of each month* and submissions are due by midnight the 15th of the month** prior to publish date. Events can be posted as far in advance as you wish.

*If the 1st of the month lands on a weekend, posting will be made by midnight the Friday prior.

**If the 15th lands on a weekend the deadline will move to the following Monday by midnight.

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Crimson Dawn Public Events

This section is for event announcements. If you would like to see your event announcement posted here please contact the Web Administrator through the email link on the Contact page. Since updates are scheduled monthly we appreciate adequate notice. Each expired announcement will be removed by the following update.

Date Event Location Details
06/21/2013 Annual Midsummer Festival All Storytelling walk begins at appoximately 7:00 pm.
Opening Day Park Seasonal Access.
Opening Day Museum Seasonal Access.


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Weather Forecast | Weather Maps | Weather Radar

Please be advised mountain weather can be extremely unpredictable and this information is only an approximation of what to expect. Temperatures can easily vary by several degrees in a short period of time and are usually about 10 degrees less than what is recorded in the city below. Dressing in layers and making sure you have an adequate water supply with you is recommended.

Woodland Theater Reservations

For information on how to make reservations for the Woodland Theater for your next gathering, please see the Contact page.

To ensure enjoyment and safety for all we ask there be no glass containers, open fires, smoking, alcohol, off-road vehicles, or unleashed pets within the park.