Join the Circle...

Hand in hand the circle grows...

Over 80 years ago Neal Forsling planted a seed of fellowship. One by one, other seeds have gathered and grown into the beautiful garden we enjoy today. Crimson Dawn is not merely the land on which it sits. It includes the magical essence of all who are drawn to share in the discovery and wonder of the human spirit. From the first-time visitor to the most seasoned participant, each are welcome and valued beyond measure.

What You Can Do to Help

"To help support the Crimson Dawn Park is to treat the park with the respect it deserves. Please take care of your trash and pets while in the park. Please do not disturb any of the Shrines unless you do so with the very best of intentions. It is our duty to preserve this magical place for future generations and you can help!" (CDA President 2011, Phil Pike).

Attend the Midsummer Event

There are many levels in which you can participate in the Annual Midsummer Event. Of course, being there and enjoying the festivities is one of the best ways. But did you know some of the traditional ways to actively participate include donning your very best costume and bringing cookies to share at the end of the event? The possiblities are endless. Let your creative energies blossom and join us in the Crimson Dawn experience this year!

"Attend the Midsummer Event at the park which is held every year on June 21st, come rain or shine. Bring your coat, your kids, and your friends and enjoy the magical story of Crimson Dawn as has been passed on for generations" (CDA President 2011, Phil Pike).

Contribute to the Website

Our newest addition to the Crimson Dawn experience is the website you are enjoying right now. The website is a cooperative effort to share the Crimson Dawn experience and to hopefully inspire a wider audience. Our greatest hope is that once you learn of the various ways in which you can become a part of the world of Crimson Dawn you will also join us on site by visiting the park and museum yourself.

The Crimson Dawn Park & Museum website administrators are always on the look out for new content to add to the growing site. There are a variety of slideshow galleries and topics of interest to choose from. Web links to relative subject matter are also welcome. Submissions must be considered public domain, be in digital format, include a short description (what, when, where), and how submission credits should read. As always, your ideas, comments, and suggestions are also welcome.

If you would like to submit written content or images to be considered please Contact us today!


There have been several volunteer projects implemented at Crimson Dawn Park & Museum over the years. From gathering and washing Undine's shells to building and painting shrine platforms, the love and care generated by those volunteering their time and energy can not be measured.

"The Crimson Dawn Association is always in need of volunteers to help with maintaining the park and museum, with planning and clean up, as well as any other skills you may have to bring to the association. Contact us to talk about Volunteering opportunities" (CDA President 2011, Phil Pike).

Become a Crimson Dawn Association Member

"Once in a great while a magical time arrives when a very special person comes along who can make the effort to become a full member of the Association. Members are special volunteers that administer the Park and the Events and handle the business of the Park, as well as participating in the Midsummer Event as Elves & Sprites, Witches, and all the Fairy Folk that bring Neal's story to life each Midsummer. If this sounds like a job for you, Contact us!" (CDA President 2011, Phil Pike).


In addition to donating time and energy, other forms of donation are very much appreciated. Over the years Neal's paintings have been donated back to the museum as well as long lost trail markers that have been found from all over the old homestead on Casper Mountain. Monetary donations from the community are always welcome. Arrangements can be made through our online Contact link or at the museum during season.

"We are always in need of a little charitable donation from the people who use and love the park. You can mail your donation to: (PO Box TBA), online, or donate at the Midsummer Event!" (CDA President 2011, Phil Pike).

To ensure enjoyment and safety for all we ask there be no glass containers, open fires, smoking, alcohol, off-road vehicles, or unleashed pets within the park.