Surrounding the warm, rustic cabin museum are acres of beautiful mountain land. Here lie trails guiding the intrinsic visitor on a tour of shrines dedicated to the Enchanted Witches and other characters from the pages of Neal's book, Crimson Dawn. Storylines inspired by the mystique of the land come to life for all who enter this magical realm. Come experience this mystical mountain top for yourself. Pure inspiration awaits...

Crimson Dawn Trail Tour Gallery


Topaz Gate Midsummer 2007

The Topaz Gate serves as the portal to the enchanted realm of the Crimson Dawn trail of shrines dedicated to the various characters and features of Neal Forsling's wonderful book, Crimson Dawn.

Photo provided by Athne Machdane.

Crimson Dawn Cemetary

Spirits at rest atop the Red Butte. The annual Midsummer Bonfire will soon be lit next to this peaceful site.

Photo provided by Athne Machdane.

Heart's Desire

"To acheive your Heart's Desire, walk around the circle three times to the left..." so the shrine marker reads. To discover the rest of the enchantment be sure to visit the Heart's Desire shrine.

Photo provided by Snowfire.

Bambi's Castle

Following the discovery of an injured fawn, Neal asked "friends to build this shrine as a symbol for protection of all woods creatures" (Bambi's Shrine trail marker).

Photo provided by Snowfire.


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Nestled among the edge of the forest with a panoramic view of Muddy Mountain is the Woodland Theater. This beautiful feature of Crimson Dawn Park provides a magical meeting place with group seating and podium platform ideal for many events. Woodland Theater is very popular for weddings and you can reserve your special day by contacting the Natrona County Parks Road and Bridge Department (info on our Contact page).

A young, barefoot woodland fiddle sprite performs within the theater.

To ensure enjoyment and safety for all we ask there be no glass containers, open fires, smoking, alcohol, off-road vehicles, or unleashed pets within the park.